Partners' Institution:
Instituto Politécnico de Bragança
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2018 - 31 March 2021
Activity concerned:
PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:
The main activities were:
- Organize all project documentation.
- Produce the SMiLD brochure in the Portuguese language
- Organize the financial contract
- Produce the SMilD website in the Portuguese language
- Contact some institutions to promote the project
- Contacts to identify associated partners.
- Translation of the website
- Translation of all chapters of IO2

Description of activities carried out:
During all time, it is necessary to organize all documentation associated with the project, named, contracts, partners information, financial procedures, among others.

06 and 07 December 2018: Kick-off meeting in Florence.
21 December 2018: SMiLD meeting at Bragança with teachers.
till 31 December 2018: SMiLD brochure in the Portuguese version.
February 2019: Translation of SMiLD website to the Portuguese language
May/June/July/August 2019: Elaboration of the financial report
September 2019: Contact four institutions to promote the SMiLD project, through exploitation links and three associated partners.
November 2019: Partners meeting in Wroclaw
May 2020: A short course was performed with 15 teachers about learning disabilities. Inside this course the SMILD project was presented, and the online multiplier event was performed.
November 2020: An invited lecture was performed in UTFPR (Brasil) where it was presented the SMiLD Project.
October-December 2020: Translation of all chapters of IO2.
February-March 2021: The questionnaires on the evaluation of the Intellectual Outputs are being collected. The final report was elaborated.

Results Achieved:
The main results:
- SMiLD brochure in the Portuguese language.
- School involvement and teachers enrolled.
- Students' questions created and sent to the coordinator.
- Financial report preparation
- Four exploitation links
- Three associated partners
- The dissemination is carry on
- A short course with 50h
- An online workshop with 8h
- An invited lecture with 3h.
- Translated documents associated with IO2.
- The evaluation questionnaires were sent to different teachers and the answers are being collected.
- Final evaluation report was elaborated.